How To Protect Your Restaurant From Rats and Mice

Although no restaurant owner wants to have rats on or around the premises, they remain one of the most common rodent problems faced by restaurateurs. The three basic need of life are food, water and shelter; a restaurant can offer rats all of these things, along with a favorably warm environment, so it is not surprising many restaurant owner’s find themselves looking for ways to keep their establishments rat free.  In most cases it is best to hire a professional for rodent control in commercial settings. How to protect your restaurant from rats can be a worrying question, but like all questions there are answers, and the good news is that the best answers are just a matter of common sense.

Keep it Clean

It is very important to maintain a high level of cleanliness in and around the restaurant. No food scraps should be allowed to remain on the floor, any left over food should be covered up and preferably be refrigerated or placed inside a cupboard. The same rules apply to any food that is awaiting prepping or has already been prepped and is waiting to be delivered to the customer. Floors should be kept clean, and tops and work surfaces should be wiped down.

Secure all Possible Entry Points

It is always worth spending a little time looking around the restaurant and trying to see it from a rat’s point of view. What are the possible entry points and how easy would it be for a rat to take advantage of them. Rats are very good at squeezing their way through even the smallest of gaps so any possible entry points should be sealed immediately. Particular attention should be paid to the bottom of doors. Many rats gain entry this way, so the fitting of draught excluder can be a wise precaution. Doors and windows should be kept closed as much as possible, especially at night, when rats are more active.

Bait Stations and Pest Control Services

Bait stations are readily available and placing a few of these on the floor, near the walls, and in other possible rat runs, is a sensible measure. Many restaurateurs choose to employ the services of a reputable pest control service that will monitor the bait stations at regular intervals, replace them when necessary, and due to their experience may become aware of any possible infestations or problem areas before infestation occurs or escalates.