Do Boxelder Bugs Come Back Every Year

There is no guarantee that when you see boxelder bugs one season they will be back the other season. There is a caveat though. Boxelder bugs will start to reproduce when they come out of their hibernation period. The boxelder bug will lay its eggs on barks, crevices, and foliage as well. The best thing you can do is have the means to remove them when they happen to arrive, which, again, is not guaranteed.

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Boxelder bugs are common throughout North America and are distributed throughout the continent. These boxelder tree bugs can often be found either near a boxelder tree or inside of a boxelder tree. The reason why these bugs are near the boxelder tree is because they are attracted to it. The boxelder tree is a huge nutritional source for the boxelder tree, but that does not only mean that these are the only trees that the boxelder tree goes to. Oak trees and ash trees are also trees that the boxelder bug goes to.

Since the arrival of boxelder bugs can be somewhat unpredictable. It is always good to have the means ready whenever they happen to come. Eliminating boxelder bugs is a relatively arduous task that is best left to fully licensed and insured pest professionals that have the right equipment, commercial-grade tools, and expertise to go along with successfully eliminating these bugs.

The market is saturated with a wide range of over-the-counter products that are meant to eliminate these bugs, but these pesticides have little to know effect when it comes to the amount of boxelder bugs that will swarm your property. These bugs can be recognized by their all-black flat body. With orange discoloration on the side.

These boxelder bugs can be often confused for the milkweed bug or a cockroach due to their similar appearances. Boxelder bugs are drawn to sunny areas and will congregate in groups. Even though these insects are not harmful, they have the possibility to start flare-ups in certain people. It is best to keep your pet away from the bug since there might be a possibility, they can eat it. As for killing it, squashing is not recommended for two reasons. Firstly, squashing them will release a very pungent odor. Secondly, squashing them will release a very bright red stain, especially when they are found indoors.

The best and guaranteed way to get rid of boxelder bugs is to hire competent professionals that are licensed and insured technicians that have access to commercial-grade pesticides. Call the professionals from Exterminator Mississauga to get rid of your boxelder bugs soon!