Do It Yourself Cockroach Control

Cockroaches are without a doubt among the most irritating pests found in the home, office and other environs. Cockroaches are not only a health hazard but are also embarrassing to the home owner consequently bringing shame and disgust especially in front of guests. Here are some tips for cockroach extermination that you can apply before you call us for professional assistance. 

The pests are known carriers of pathogens that cause diseases to human beings as well as creating an inconvenient living environment. Getting rid of cockroaches can pose a challenge to most people; this is attributed to the rapid rate at which the vermin reproduce consequently infesting an environment in a very short time span. In order to get rid of the roaches the following methods are necessary:

Proper storage and disposal of Foodstuffs: Cockroaches always thrive in a region that has sufficient supply of food items, the pests will mostly be found in kitchens and food stores scavenging on the left over food. It is therefore paramount to keep the food area and storage clean and well lit, the leftover food should also be disposed off hygienically and as soon as possible to hinder an infestation.

Use of Effective Pesticides: This is among the most common used method of getting rid of cockroaches, the insecticide or pesticide used should be tested and approved to be effective on the pests as well as remaining safe to human health. A room sprayed with the insecticide needs to be kept off limits for some time until its full effects have been achieved.

Proper lighting and ventilation: Cockroaches flourish in dark surrounding, thus the home or office environment apart from being well cleaned should be well lit and ventilated. This discourages cockroaches from inhabiting the area. Use of properly designed cabinets and cupboards goes a long way in combating the vermin.

Regular Inspection: Outsourcing the services of a qualified pest inspector and exterminator ensures that the cockroaches are kept at bay. The service should be carried out regularly as a routine inspection regardless of whether roaches are present or not. The bug inspector uses specialized equipment and hands on experience to carry out a detailed analysis on the surrounding.