Signs You Have A Bed Bug Problem

Bed bug infestations are covert. Majority of homeowners won’t realize that they are suffering from such kind of issue until it has gone severe. There is no better way to deal with this problem other than expanding your awareness on how bed bugs infiltrate homes and the various signs that can help you determine their presence and breeding grounds. These signs are what the bed bug exterminator will look for when visiting your premises. 

Bed bugs often reside on sheets and pillowcases, as well as seems and folds of mattresses. Inspect these items and look for blood stains or live insects. It’s the nature of bed bugs to stay close to their feeding areas so don’t leave any portion on your sofa, bed, and carpets unchecked. There are also some cases where bed bugs hide on loose wallpapers, door and window casings, cracks, and even behind picture frames so be vigilant in browsing through these areas as well.

Don’t expect the process to be easy since bed bugs hide during the day and are good at it. The trick is not to look for the actual bed bugs but the rust-colored stains which they leave behind on seams, ceilings, mattress tags, cushions, and headboards. These parasites are attracted to moist and warm environments so pinpoint areas on your household having this kind of condition. Probably the most obvious sign that you are currently exposed to bed bugs is the presence reddish spots on your skin. Although they may not be painful, the discomfort that these spots can bring and the possibility of infection should be more than enough as reasons for you to take action in solving your bed bug problem as soon as possible.

Bed bugs are not easy to deal with. Aside from being stealthy, they multiply at a very impressive rate. Don’t wait until things get out of hand before asking assistance from a reputable pest control company. It is only through their help that you can totally get rid of bed bugs and once again have a good night sleep.