Exterminating Ants in The Kitchen

Ants are very troublesome pests. Getting rid of ants involves killing the ants that have invaded your home, and then taking preventive measures that will ensure they don’t come back. In extreme cases, you may choose to exterminate the whole colony of ants by finding and destroying their nest. The following steps will help you to get rid of ants from your home. If the problem persists, call us for professional ant extermination.

What you You’ll Need

  • Ant Killing Products such as Borax, Corn Meal, or Wheat flakes
    • Ant Repellants such as Vinegar, Cinnamon, or Nicotine Solution
    • Spray Bottle
    • Bait such as Jam or Jelly
    • A Mixing Bowl and Spoon
    • Shallow Containers such as soda caps


Prepare ‘ant poison’ by mixing the jam or jelly (bait) with the borax powder in the mixing bowl. Ensure that your mixture contains a small percentage of the borax, usually less than 5%. Prepare the ant repellant solution by diluting the vinegar Cinnamon or nicotine with clean water. The mixture should be stored in a spray bottle for later use.

How To Deal With Ants in Kitchen

Prepare the trap by placing small amounts of the mixture (ant poison) into the soda caps. The number of caps you use will depend on how many locations you would like to place your traps. Set the trap by placing the caps containing the poison at strategic locations, where you are sure ants will find  them easily. Suitable locations include behind table legs and room corners. Wait for a day or two for ants to find the bait. The aim is to let the ants eat the poison, as well as cart it away to the rest of the colony. They will just die and disappear from your home. Clean up by sweeping or vacuuming the dead ants in your home, and dispose of the soda caps. Spray the ant repellant mixture on your kitchen surfaces, shelves, tables, window ledges, and other locations around the house where ants may invade. This will keep off the ants from entering your home again.