What Types Of Food Attract Ants Into Your House?

Ants are small insects that may be red, yellow, brown or black in colour. They usually range in size from one millimeter to about 13 millimeter. There are usually different types of ants, including the little black ant, carpenter ants, thief ant, pharaoh ant and the odorous house ant. Ants can also be categorized broadly by their feeding patterns. A homeowner may wonder: What types of food attract ants into your house? The following are some of the categories of ants based on what they eat and what you need to do to remove ants.


  •  Ants that feed on sugary foods 
  • Ants that feed on greasy foods 
  • Ants that feed on a little bit of everything, for example, carpenter ants.  


The ants are interesting creatures, as they have a chemical sensory aid that helps them to smell where their preferred food is. This is the reason why they are often found in pungent trash cans or in places where there is leftover food.


These ants are usually attracted to sweet food. Different types of ants fall in this category, and they are usually between 2 mm and 13 mm in size. Their habitat will determine their size. They usually prefer to live and look for food in suburban areas, as this is where they can get most of their foods. Their colonies are found between rocks, in soils and in holes in wood. Their nests in soil can be recognized by large dirt mounds. They prefer humid and warm climate.

Sugar ants usually feed on nectar, sugary foods, and secretions from plants. They can also be found in homes that have aphids, as they like to feed on the honeydew that the aphids produce. When they find a home that has enough sugary foods, they can be very persistent. In the home, they are mostly found in food containers, food stores, pantries and kitchens. They will be attracted to any food traces, food stains or food spills. Therefore, the best way to get rid of them is to clean up these conditions.


Grease ants are very tiny, and they usually range in size from 1.5 millimeters to 2.5 millimeters. They are sometimes referred to as thief ants because they like to steal food from other ant colonies. As the name suggests, they will eat anything that is greasy. This includes peanut butter, nuts, cheese, and cooked food. Since they are very small, they can easily fit in food containers. Infestations are very common during summer months. They usually forage for food on stoves, counter-tops, cabinets, or in sinks as this are the places where food is usually stored or spilled. They usually build their nests in soil or rotting wood. Grease ants usually leave a trail when they find a food source. Therefore, one can easily follow the trail of ants from the food source in order to find where their nest is.


An infestation of these ants is usually the most difficult to control, as they eat everything. Their diet includes greasy foods, sugary foods, meat, and other insects. These ants can eat most of the foods that humans can eat. There are usually very many different ants that fit in this category. They vary in size and habitat. Some are nomadic, while others will build nests in soil and wood.


A homeowner who notices an ant infestation in their home should call pest control experts. These experts will identify the nest, and they will get rid of all the ants in the home. They will also advise the homeowner on the proper steps to take in order to avoid a future infestation.