Solving Ant Infestation Problems in Your Kitchen: Home-based Remedies

How to Stop Ants Entering Your Kitchen? 

Naturally, food sources attract ants, which is why you usually find them in the kitchen. During the ant season – mostly in the spring – these critters can march into your home and literary take over your kitchen; despite having kept your kitchen sinks and counter tops clean. The extermination process could take weeks or even months, depending on the number and type of ants you are dealing with. However, you can prevent all this by exercising proactive measures. This article discusses the home-based remedies for ant control that are from coming into your kitchen in the first place.

Keeping Ants Out of Your Home – Home-based Remedies:


Use Garlic Cloves and Cinnamon Sticks 

Look for the areas where the ants might use to enter your home: corners, window tracks, and by the doors around your house. Place garlic or cinnamon sticks in these areas. Garlic cloves may not be as aromatically pleasant as cinnamon sticks, but they are extremely efficient. Peel and cut a few cloves, and then place them in the entry spots. You can also place them in trouble areas such as dressers since ants have a habit of invading these areas too.

If you run out of garlic, you can use cinnamon sticks around the pantry, to maximize protection: they are also highly effective.


If you notice ants crawling into your kitchen through a small crack(s) in the wall or the door, just spray vinegar, and it will repel them. Place apple cider or white vinegar in a spray bottle and spray a 4-in-wide band alongside the access points. The insecticidal and fungicidal property inherent in vinegar repels ants.

In addition, wipe your floors, cabinets, and counters with white vinegar on a regular basis. This, not only, leaves your kitchen cleaner, but also rids it of ant trails.

Sprinkle Black Pepper around the Entry Points

Once you notice a trail of ants marching into your kitchen, sprinkle black pepper on it: the ants will instantly disperse. Pay close attention to where they run to – it, most likely, will be the entry point. Treat this area with pepper, and the ants will not use it to access your home again.

Use Boiling Water to Scare the Ants Away 

When ants become a serious problem – in your yard or walkway – pour boiling water on top the anthills. This may sound a bit inhumane, but insects can become crueler  if, not managed properly.

Use Mint 

Mint prevents ants from entering your kitchen by destroying their sense of smell. When you plant mint around your home – especially around anthills and doorways – it prevents the insects from detecting where the food is. Placing mint leaves around windows, your pantry, the corners of your house, and around shelves also repulses the ants. You can also use plants such as Eucalyptus, Lavender, Rosemary, Thyme, etc. In general, plants that have a strong smell keep ants way from your home.

Keep Your Kitchen Clean At All Times 

This may sound cliché, but dirty dishes attract ants the most. Wash all your dishes, containers, and fruit bowls after you are through using them. Ants have a habit of invading containers such as sugar bowls; for this reason, fill them and seal them tightly whenever possible. Additionally, vacuum your kitchen once every few days – especially the areas under your kitchen counters.

The Bottom Line 

Ants are naturally attracted to food. Storing food safely or keeping it in places where ants cannot access, helps keep the ants aloof. In addition, keeping your kitchen clean at all times by washing it with insect repellents – such as vinegar – completely repulses the ants. The above home-based remedies for ant infestation, help keep your kitchen free of ants at all times; you can always refer to them during the insect season or after extermination to prevent insects from crawling into your kitchen.