Myths About Cockroaches

All cockroaches belong to the order Blattaria that has five families. There are about 4,000 cockroaches’ species but only ten are human pests. Cockroaches play some important roles in the ecosystem whereby they act as natural recyclers and serve as food for birds and lizards. However, they are among the most hated insects by human beings due to the many myths about them. The following are the major myths about cockroaches.

All cockroaches are pests

Out of the 4,000 species of cockroaches, only thirty species invade human dwellings. Out of the thirty, only ten are known pests. Most cockroach species inhabit niches in caves, burrows, bushes or forests.

Cockroaches would survive a nuclear explosion

It is important to note that all insects are more resistant to radiations than human beings. However, they are still susceptible to these radiations. Cockroaches are more susceptible to radiations as compared to other insects such as moths. However, most cockroach species can survive 10 times more radiation explosure than human beings.

All cockroaches avoid light

Most cockroach species prefer darkness although some few species are attracted to light. Such light-loving species are likely to be found near TV screens or windows during the night. The nocturnal species will scatter when lights are shone upon them. Most pest species tend to be nocturnal and avoid light at all costs.

There are albino cockroaches

Just like many other insects, cockroaches shed off old skin and replace it with new one. The new skin is usually white during the first stages of development giving cockroaches an albino appearance. However, the white skin dries after a few weeks and turns brown.

Large cockroaches are more dangerous than small ones

The size of a cockroach does not play a role in how dangerous it is. They are some huge cockroaches, like the Madagascar hissing cockroach, that are completely harmless and are used as human pets.

All cockroaches can fly

Some cockroach species do not fly. In some species, only the male have wings. In some species, members have wings but are incapable of flight but use the wings to jump.

Cockroaches don’t breathe oxygen

If necessary, cockroaches can go for forty minutes without breathing. Cockroaches can also spend thirty minutes under water. However, this does not mean that they don’t breathe oxygen; it only means that they are capable of holding their breath for long.

Cockroaches are among the creatures no one wants to find in his/her house. While it is true they shed skins that can cause allergies, most other things about them are just myths.