Eco-Friendly Methods of Natural Bed Bug Extermination

Bed bugs are becoming harder to get rid of. Given that they usually come out at night and hide in hard to reach paces, these insects are usually hard to detect. These bugs reproduce rapidly and can survive for months without feeding. This makes it easy for a bed bug infestation to turn from mild to extreme within a few weeks. Pesticides have been for a long time been the chosen method to get rid of bed bugs. However, they can pose health risks to humans and animals. In addition, bed bugs tend to become immune to some chemicals found in pesticides. A better alternative is to use eco-friendly methods of natural bed bugs extermination. Some of the effective methods include the following.

Extreme temperatures

Bed bugs hide in different places including bedding and clothes. High temperatures will kill them instantly as well as unhatched eggs. The best way to use heat as a way to get rid of bed bugs is to dip any infested materials in boiling water for a few minutes before washing. Another way of using heat to kill bed bugs is by placing infested items in enclosed bags and placing them outside in the sun. Using black bags is most effective since they are able to trap and retain more heat inside. You can also use a air drier to blow dry heat onto surfaces where bed bugs hide to kill them.

Cut the bug’s oxygen supply

Like all living things, bed bugs need oxygen to survive. One of their preferred hiding places is within mattress folds and even pillows. Special mattress covers made from plastic are a great way of depriving these pests of oxygen. Another way is to place infested items in airtight bags for a few days to weeks to ensure that any bugs hiding within die of suffocation. If the bugs are hiding in crevices and in areas where wall paint has peeled off, a fresh coat of paint will be enough to cut off their air supply.

Essential oils

Essential oils such as tea tree are considered good for inflammation caused by bed bug bites. However, if applied on the bug’s body, it can suffocate them by clogging their airways. Simply create a solution of teat tree oil with water and spray it onto the different places where bed bugs hide. If possible, spray the solution onto the bed bugs if you can find them. This should be done repeatedly until you have brought the infestation under control.
Bedbugs can be hard to get rid of. Ensuring that your home is free from bedbugs doesn’t necessarily mean that you invest in pesticides which could cause more harm than good. Before trying out pesticides or calling a professional exterminator, you should try out the mentioned eco-friendly and natural ways to get rid of these pests.