How Do I Know If Cockroaches Have Infested My Home

Cockroaches love to stay hidden in dark and warm environments. They mostly come out if people are not around as a distraction and start eating anything in their way. It is important to identify if your house is infested with cockroaches since they are known to cause severe health problems. It is easy to identify signs that your house is infested. The first sign is when you actually see the cockroaches running around your house. This is when you have to take measures to remove cockroaches out of your home. Other signs include;

Egg Shells: look in dark corners, kitchen cabinets, bookshelves for cockroach eggs and egg shells. Some female cockroaches prefer to carry the eggs on their abdomen but others will just lay in dark environments away from people. Once you identify the eggs, destroy them before they hatch into cockroaches. Cockroach shed skin: cockroaches during their life cycle will time to time shed skin as a way of moulting. When you see a white cockroach it is because it has recently molted and will change its color in time. Whenever you encounter the external cockroach skin when cleaning, it means your home is already infested by these pests. Start preparing yourself for a tough battle with them.

Cockroach fecal matter: cockroaches tend to drop fecal matter along the routes they use on a daily basis. The fecal matter looks like black grains sandy in nature. But those big cockroaches have feces that look like mouse droppings. The difference is that mouse droppings have a tapering end while those of a cockroach are blunt.

Other notable signs: cockroaches will feed on pretty much anything this is why you have to be observant. You might notice some holes in your books or magazines. Also cockroaches smell a foul odour whenever they stay at a place. If you note a foul odour coming from a kitchen cabinet, probably cockroaches are already in your home.