How To Detect A Bedbug Problem

When you wake up in the morning and see bite symptoms which were not present before sleeping, there is high chance of bed bug infestation. But to be sure if there is a bed bug problem you must try find an actual bug. Bed bugs can easily spread through your clothes, children’s toys, internal wiring, movable furniture and more. It might be difficult to visually see a bed bug but its possible to see fecal stains, eggs and shredded skin.

You must conduct a visual inspection of the bedroom, checking the bed, electronics and furniture in the room. Check the lining of the top sheets, edges of the mattress, the spring box, the back rest of the bed, seams of the pillow cover and more. You can install interception devices under the legs of the bed and other furniture to trap the bugs while they move around. You can install mattress encasements which are protective and help in restricting bed bug spread and also help to detect bed bugs in visual inspection. You can also try catching them at night just before dawn when they are most active. Turn the light on and without moving inspect your covering sheet for any visual movement.

If you are not able to visually see any evidence of bed bugs but still the bite symptoms prevail try hiring  qualified pest management professional for inspection. With their experience and special techniques they might be able detect a low level inspection.

Bed bug infestation is a very severe problem and must be handled carefully and seriously. Its best to track and control bed bug problem when its initializing. There is no perfect method to detect bed bugs, its best to try a combination of the methods. As its said, “precaution is better than cure” so it advisable to keep a check and examine your surroundings for bed bugs on a monthly basis.