Is There Any Permanent Solution for Bed Bugs

There are two possible reasons why you can’t seem to get rid of your bed bugs permanently. The first is your exterminator is either inexperienced or incompetent or you have attempted to get rid of the pests on your own using home remedies or over-the-counter insecticides. Either way, your bed bug problem can be put to a stop permanently by hiring a competent and licensed exterminator in Mississauga.

Why Only an Exterminator Can Remove Bed Bugs Permanently

Even the most astute exterminator will agree that bed bugs aren’t the easiest pests to deal with. Consider the 3 main reasons why bed bugs are so difficult to remove and what an exterminator does to overcome the challenge.

First, bed bugs have developed a resistance to many common insecticides including Neonicotinoids and Pyrethroids. Unfortunately, these are the active ingredients contained in most over-the-counter treatments. Strict pesticide regulations restrict the stronger insecticides to professionals such as licensed exterminators. In short, a professional exterminator will have chemicals many times the strength of what you can buy on your own. These experts also have intimate knowledge of the bed bugs in your area and to which chemicals they are resistant. This knowledge helps with choosing the right insecticide which is crucial to successful extermination.

Secondly, bed bugs are built optimally for survival. Their flat body minimizes height while an average adult grows to about the size of an apple seed. You cannot win a game of hide and seek with these critters. Spraying indiscriminately is also not an option since you could poison your family. An exterminator has dealt with all manner of infestation and house plans and already knows where to concentrate his inspection. This allows him to use minimal insecticide and yet effectively kill the pests wherever they may be hiding. The exterminator also has powerful tools required to project insecticide into the deepest crevices and cracks.

Lastly, bed bugs are quite literally die-hard. The pests can take weeks to die after treatment. Many times you need follow-up treatments and inspections to track the progress of the extermination. Even with the best chemicals, a successful infestation can be lengthy and complicated. The bed bug exterminator, of course, has the patience and resilience to see the job through to the end.

Make sure that you hire a pest control company in Mississauga that backs up its service with a warranty of at least six months. This is more than enough time to find out whether the bed bugs are gone for good.