Health Problems You May Experience from Bed Bugs

Aside from the fact that no one wants to live with bugs, a bed bug might seem rather harmless. They are tiny, so what harm could they possibly do? If you have ever had the unpleasant experience of dealing with bed bugs, you would know that they can create serious concerns for humans. In fact, dealing with bed bugs puts a whole new meaning to the phrase, “Sleep tight. Don’t let the bed bugs bite.”

Allergic Response

Bed bugs drink the blood of a human host, which is why they prefer to reside in your bed. By taking up residence in your bed, they remain close to their much need food source. In return for providing them nourishment, they leave you with multiple itchy bites on your body. That might not seem too detrimental to your health…unless you are allergic.

Your body can have an allergic response to bed bug bites. Although most allergic reactions turn out mild, some people may experience a severe allergic reaction. In those instances, you must seek medical attention immediately. A severe allergic reaction can cause swelling, dizziness, and trouble breathing.

Infectious Response

Even if you do not have an allergic reaction, you will experience the temptation to itch the bites. They are bothersome and irritating. They call out to you, nearly pleading with you to scratch and relieve the intense itch. No longer able to control yourself, you succumb to the feeling and itch the bites frantically.

Unfortunately, dirt, germs, and other particles found under your nails transfer to the area. If you scratch open a bite, it leaves you open to infection. It is not uncommon for people to experience an infection after scratching bed bug bites. You should monitor the bites closely so you can avoid an infection.

Signs of an infection include weeping, pain, increased redness, and swelling from the bite. You may also notice a buildup of pus beneath the skin if the infection goes untreated. At the first sign of infection, you should see your physician immediately. Any infection, no matter how small, can turn into a big deal if you do not treat it properly.

Sleep Response

Your body requires sleep for your brain to function properly. Without enough sleep, you may experience shifts in mood, a decrease in cognitive functions, and even physical impairments. If you become too tired, you may have trouble operating machinery or equipment. Something as simple as driving a car could become too dangerous.

Unfortunately, bed bugs can cause you to lose sleep. Although they prefer to wait until you are asleep to bite, itchy and bothersome bites will likely keep you awake. Your irritated skin will make it hard for you to sleep comfortably, causing you to lose precious sleep. Your sleep response will alter because of your discomfort and you will instead experience bouts of insomnia.

Rather than letting things get that bad, make sure you contact a professional pest control Mississauga for assistance in dealing with bed bugs.