Where Do You Look for Cockroaches in Your Home?

You may have a sneaking suspicion that you have cockroaches in the house in Mississauga but unless you have physically seen a roach, you will have to conduct a thorough inspection of your house. These insects are nocturnal, mostly noiseless, are quick and will disappear into cracks in the blink of an eye making them that much harder to spot.

Signs of cockroaches include;

  • Sighting droppings which look like black pepper or ground coffee
  • You see egg casings also known as oothecae. The casing has a brownish color and long, round shape
  • Smelling the distinct musty or oily odor of roaches

Where Do Cockroaches Hide in the House?

Now that you know what to look for, common cockroach hiding places in the house include;

Kitchen: the kitchen is warm, damp and has plenty of food. This is heaven to roaches and the kitchen is where you are most likely to find the invaders. They hide in cutlery drawers, cabinets, counter top, dishwasher and virtually everywhere in your kitchen.

Ceiling: cockroaches will travel up-side-down on your ceiling when it’s dark. The scurry away quickly when they sense a human approaching or when you flick on the lights which is why you might not have noticed them. Cockroaches on your ceiling mean that there are cracks on your detailing letting them in.

Piping: roaches love water and pipes release warm condensation and dampness which the insects love. Inspect all of your exposed piping and around washers and dryers. Take measures to keep the pipes dry and less attractive to cockroaches.

Paper: roaches seem to be attracted to the smell and texture of paper and do not discriminate. Envelopes, writing paper, cardboard boxes, food and beverage boxes are all ideal place the insects to hide. Keep your papers in sealed cabinets and sort your mail regularly. Get rid of cardboard boxes as soon as you can.

Furniture: just like humans, cockroaches love furniture. They will inhabit and lay eggs in upholstery, and under wood or plastic tables and chairs. Inspect all your furniture and be careful about brining in used furniture.

Appliances: most household appliances have nooks and crannies that cockroaches can inhabit without being disturbed. The appliances also offer plenty of warmth while running their motors which is a good thing for the insects. No appliances are safe; check your coffee maker, microwave, refrigerator, stove and toaster for evidence of roaches.

How to Get Rid of Cockroaches

Most cockroach exterminators in Mississauga report that they are usually called after the homeowner has been unsuccessful with DIY extermination. Getting rid of roaches is more complicated than most people appreciate. Apart from killing the live roaches, you also have to find all the oothecae and treat them. This entails treating nooks and crannies which are impossible to reach without specialized equipment.

Most over-the-counter roach poisons are not effective. Canada’s stringent pesticide regulations mean that only exterminators have access to strong chemicals guaranteed to kill cockroaches. Hire an exterminator to get rid of the colony. He will also help to seal up your home to avoid a future invasion.