The Damage That Carpenter Ants Can Cause

The infestation of carpenter ants can be a serious threat to your household especially if left unattended as it can cause thousands of dollars worth of damage. It’s imperative that you locate and treat carpenter ants as soon as possible to avoid various consequences. Call a licensed ant exterminator for assistance. In most cases, carpenter ant damage is mistaken to be caused by termites. Although these two insects are known to destroy homes, it’s important that you determine which of them is truly wreaking havoc on your household so you can come up with a specific strategy to get rid of the problem as soon as possible.

Unlike termites, carpenter ants don’t eat the wood they dwell in. They simply carve through wood to create caverns where they nest and lay eggs and tunnels for transporting food supply. Tunnels made by carpenter ants are free from debris and a lot smoother. This is contrary to the rugged tunnels teeming with sawdust or mud that termites are known to create.

Carpenter ants are attracted to moist wood since this kind of material is easier to work with. This is the main reason why they often build their colony under the sink or a leaked area in the attic. It would take years for carpenter ants to totally destroy a wooden house. However, this doesn’t mean you can carelessly deal with this situation and wait for serious consequences to happen before you take action. If left untreated, carpenter ants can seriously affect the quality of your life.

You’ll need to deal with constant repairs leaving you with a handful of expenses. Tunnels which carpenter ants can create on wooden floors and walls can make the overall structure of your household weak. The last thing you would want to  happen is finding any of your family members suffering from an accident due to your household’s poor condition.

There’s no better way to deal with carpenter ants other than consulting a professional exterminator. However, if the carpenter ants are merely residing outdoors and carrying out their duty as nature’s decomposers, don’t bother them since they also have the right to live harmoniously just like us.