How to Protect Your Garden From Ants?

Nothing can ruin the beauty of your garden faster than ants. They are usually after the tasty nectar that is found inside the blossoms, but they interfere with the beauty of the plants in the process. They can cause destruction by eating the leaves and any fruits that the plants in your garden have. You therefore need to make sure that these insects are kept off your garden if you want it to remain beautiful. Use these information for ant removal

One of the things that you can do in order to protect your garden from ants is introducing insect repelling plants in the garden. Plants such as peppermint, sage, pennyroyal and spearmint have a scent that can help steer the ants away from your garden without causing any harm to them. If you need an urgent solution, you can place ant-deterring smells at the base of plants that are affected in your garden. The ants usually do not like the smell of things such as cinnamon and mint, so laying or sprinkling some of these substances at the base of the plants in question will drive them away.

Another thing that you can do to protect your garden from ants is placing an ant trap. You can do this by making a collar out of a piece of paper. It is very simple. All you will be required to do is take the paper and then cut on it a circle that is at least eight inches wide. After that, you will need to make a cut to the center of the circle and then drill a small hole in the center. Make sure that the hole is wide enough to fit loosely at the base of the affected plant. After that, you will need to smear one side of the pepper with Vaseline, and then place it at the base of the plant. Whenever the ants try to access the flowers or leaves of the tree, they will get stuck in the Vaseline.

Applying a garden safe pesticide to the perimeter of the garden can also be a great way of protecting your garden from ants. The pesticide is usually used to prevent the onset of an ant infestation, but if used correctly, it can also help to keep the ants as well as other dangerous insects away from your garden. Apart from the pesticides, you can also line the perimeter of the garden with a sprinkling of diatomaceous earth. The earth is made of sharp, fine crystals, and as a result the ants will not be able to walk across it to reach your plants.

Last but not least, you can protect your garden from ants by removing the ants scent trails. The ants usually send scouts to look for new sources of food. The scouts usually leave scent trails that the other ants are supposed to follow to the food; that is why you will see the ants walking in a straight line. When you remove the scent trails, you will be removing the directions to the affected plants in your garden. To remove the scent trails, you will need to take a cloth that is soaked with ammonia or bleach and then lay it over as much of the trails as possible.

If you follow these tips, your problem will be gone, and you will be able to enjoy an ant-free garden. The best thing about these methods is that they will not put your health as well as the health of your plants at risk.