How to Get Rid of Ants in the Kitchen

Ants are common home invaders. They are a nuisance that leave homeowners feeling frustrated. Although they can invade any area of your home, they seem to have a preference for the kitchen. Perhaps that is because that is where they can locate a decent food supply. Ants can easily raid food supplies in your kitchen, especially if you do not seal them properly. Learning how to remove ants from your kitchen can help you greatly.

What Are They After?

While you might be tempted to spray ants you see on sight, have patience. Find out what it is the ants are after. What food source do they most readily seek in your home? Are they attacking boxes of cereal? Packages of cookies and candy? Knowing what attracts ants to your kitchen can help you eliminate the temptation.

You should also follow the trail of ants to see where they go. Following the trail of ants will lead you back to their nest. The best way to stop ants in their tracks is to destroy the nest. You want to eliminate the entire colony, including the queen. If you destroy most of the colony but the queen remains alive, your problem will continue.

The queen produces thousands of eggs, which then help the colony grow. A large colony can seem near impossible to handle. Therefore, allow ants to reach their temptation and bring it back to their nest so you can best eliminate their food source and destroy their colony.

Clean Religiously

Make sure you clean your kitchen religiously. Remove any traces of food from counters, the stove, the sink, and the floor. Seal trash bags tight and place them in securely lidded bins outside your home. Make it a point to do dishes immediately after you use them. Leaving even one plate or bowl in a sink can attract a swarm of ants in what seems like minutes.

Place food inappropriately sealed containers. Remove cereal from boxes and put them in plastic cereal containers with lids. Another option is using re-sealable plastic bags with a tight airlock seal. The goal is to make sure ants cannot access food in your home, which keeps them coming back for more.

Hire a Professional

Finally, make sure you hire a professional ant control to assist you with your ant problem. The best way to eliminate ants from your kitchen is to make sure you have an expert helping you out. The expert can destroy the ant colony, including the queen, to make sure you no longer have to deal with an infestation of pesky ants.