Best And Worst Tips For Bed Bugs Extermination

Getting rid of a bed bug infestation can be a costly and time-consuming endeavor. This is largely due to the rapid breeding cycle of these insects and their unpredictable response to store-bought extermination products. In order to effectively rid your home of these bugs, it is important to understand their habits, their life cycles and the best strategies for decimating their populations. Following are some of the best and worst tips for bed bugs extermination.

Diatomaceous Earth

Using Diatomaceous Earth to treat affected sleeping areas is among one of the worst strategies for eliminating a bed bug infestation out there. Although these insects do not like the gritty feel of Diatomaceous Earth, these products do not kill them and they do not break their breeding cycles. Instead, they simply discourage them from setting up camp directly in the host’s sleeping area. These insects are notoriously good hiders and can easily move their populations behind picture frames, around baseboards, dressers and nightstands and to any surrounding furnishings. Given that bed bugs can remain dormant for a very long time and can survive unsupported by live hosts for years, it is far better to kill them off, rather than simply control their location.

Steam Heat

If used properly, steam heat is a great strategy for eliminating bed bugs throughout the home. Clothes, bedding and other washable items can be cleaned and dried at the highest dryer setting. Once the temperatures inside of the dryer surpass 110 degrees, both young and old insects will die off. Baseboards, beds and furnishings can be treated with a portable, heat steamer once every two weeks until no bugs are present in the home. Mattresses and box springs should then be covered with high-quality bed bug covers once steam treatments are complete.

Store-Bought Sprays

In most instances, using store-bought sprays to treat bed bugs is a bad idea. This is because few consumers understand the breeding cycles of these insects and how to properly interrupt them. Most sprays are only capable of killing off adult bed bugs. Younger insects and unhatched eggs will continue to thrive. Due to this fact, a single treatment will only have a limited and very short-term effect on existing bed bug populations. Once eggs hatch and young insects mature, the infestation can begin anew. The best way to use these products is by treating the home once to kill off the current population of adults and then wait several weeks before treating the home again. This will catch the next generation of mature bugs before these invasive insects have a chance to breed.

It is not impossible to eliminate a bed bug infestation. You simply have to know which products and strategies are capable of killing off both living adults and their unhatched eggs. With diligent effort and the right tools, you can clear these insects out of your sleeping area and all other hiding places.