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Ant Control Mississauga

Ant Control Mississauga


ant control mississauga

We provide full service exterminator solutions for all types of ants including carpenter ants. Safe, and environmentally friendly ant extermination solutions. Ants may be a tremendous nuisance particularly if you live in Mississauga Ontario. The most common ants in the region are carpenter ants, pharaoh ants and pavement ants. The worst types of infestations are caused by carpenter ants.

Our exterminators are fully licensed, insured, trained and experienced in providing successful ant management services. If you are experiencing a carpenter ant problem contact us to schedule an inspection.




The first step for dealing with an ant problem successfully is having an exterminator perform a visual inspection. The target is for the tech to collect as much information about problem possible. Then this information can be used to provide a recommendation on dealing with the problem. After the initial review and recommendation our technician identify the causes of the infestation and make useful recommendations on preventing the growth of the issue.

Following the first inspection and formulation of the plan of action the ant extermination process will be begun by the technician. Depending on the type of infestation the treatment can vary. While every infestation has its own special characteristics, ant control treatments include spraying baseboards, doors and window frames.

There is a possibility, depending on the level of the infestation, that you and your family maybe requested to vacate the premises for four hours and until the pesticide has dry.


Carpenter Ant Treatments


Carpenter ants can be just as or even more harmful than termites. As they construct nests in wood by tunneling and nesting inside wood structures Structural damage can be caused by them. They’re large, black ants sometimes with dark brown or dark red areas. Carpenter ants are similar in appearance to the common pavement ants, but can be recognized by specific physical features. The carpenter ant has a single pinched node between the abdominal cavity and the thorax, while most ants have a dual node. Carpenter ants burrow in dead trees and unlike termites they don’t feed off rotting wood. They are known to hollow out sections of trees to create their shelter. They have the ability to travel up to 100 meters in hunt for food and they are most active during the night. They don’t sting but worker carpenter ants are known to bit. Carpenter ant size ranges between 0.64 to 2.5 cm.

They are considered an invasive species because they’re known to create nests in the wood of residences in and around Mississauga. Such activities can damage the structural integrity of the house or structure.

If you have spotted ants in your home, call us to schedule an inspection. Our technicians will identify the problem and provide treatment recommendations.

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